Alliant International University Launches Cafe To Combat Covid-19 Pandemic

Alliant International University launches Café to combat the ongoing global Covid-19 Pandemic. The name of the Café is Alliant Virtual Café, which is basically a platform provided by the University to support distant learning. The new virtual café launched by Alliant International University comes with the different tutorial sessions with different faculties, including the forensics, psychology, education, business and law and so on.

The other key features of the Alliant Virtual Café are as follows:

  1. Resource linking service that offers self-quarantine tips that how you can work from home in an efficient manner. It also provides tips mitigating financial security among users
  2. Key video sessions with expert on a wide range of topics, such as Talking to Kids about a Pandemic, How you can save yourself in Quarantine, How to utilize your potential in an efficient manner by working from homes, and so on.
  3. The Alliant Virtual Café also offers the ‘Ask from Expert’ option that enables the user to directly ask questions with the leading university experts, such as How can I make my relationship stronger with my family during quarantine? How to avoid panic in Pandemic? like these.

The Alliant Virtual Café is open and available to all those persons, who may need it from time to time. Alliant has launched the Café to continue its mission as a Public Benefit Institution, to provide the community the correct and most-updated guidelines from the panel of experts.

President of AIU, Andy Vaughn, said, “Through the Alliant Virtual Café, we are supporting our communities, offering the expertise of our faculty, and providing connection and guidance. “Through the Alliant Virtual Café, we are supporting our communities, offering the expertise of our faculty, and providing connection and guidance.”

Associate Provost Dr. Diana Concannon said on the occasion, “The magnitude of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic renders it vitally important that we stay connected, stay supportive, stay informed, and seek and provide what we can in order to positively impact our communities. Our investment in ourselves and in each other now will reverberate in our recovery and resilience in the months and years ahead.”

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