NewDay USA Expects Record Number of Service Members Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

NewDay USA, a national mortgage lender, has announced on Monday that the company expects record number of service Members and veterans during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. According to the PR News Wire News Agency, this announcement was made by the company’s Boss Rob Posner.

The CEO of NewDay USA further added that the company plans to lend more than 2 Billion USD to lend veteran families in the second quarter alone. The company is expected to lend a loan up to $7 Billion to veteran alone in the year of 2020.

NewDay USA CEO, Posner, said, “I’m proud and honored that NewDay has become the trusted partner that veterans and servicemembers turn to during this national health crisis. It’s NewDay’s mission to help every veteran realize the American dream of homeownership or refinance and save money by accessing their hard-earned VA benefits.”

The company provides home-equity loans and refinance to veteran families and service Members. The company has also launched an initiative “Operation Home”, which is basically launched to help service Members to purchase a new home for their families with no down payment at all.

Referring to the services provided by the company, Rear Admiral Tom Lynch, said, “My purpose in becoming executive chairman of NewDay USA was to make sure my fellow veterans and their families use their VA benefits to attain their dreams of homeownership and financial security. “It brings me great joy to serve so many veterans, especially during these challenging times.”

About NewDay USA:

NewDay USA is a nationwide lender company focused on helping the active service members of the USA along with their families by providing financial services. The company has also been approved as the Ginnie Mae (GNMA) approved service issuer. Furthermore, the company also partners with the different philanthropic organizations focused on assisting the servicemembers and veterans and their families in need.

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