Nearly 60% Of Frontline Healthcare Providers Concerned Their Organizations May Not Provide Elective Services Again

A recent survey conducted by the Brain & Company shows that nearly 60% of frontline healthcare workers are concerned that their organizations may not be fully ready to elective services again. The research company cited lack of healthcare equipment and insufficient Personal Protection Equipment as the most common hurdles that may affect healthcare providers to initiate elective health services again.

On the other hand, the remaining 40% of healthcare workers are concerned over the cuts in their salaries for the next three months from May, June and July. The research finding also reveals that reduction in shift hours as another potent threat to the healthcare services.

The company has published the findings of the research in the special edition of Brain & Company’s 6th annual front line of healthcare support. The research was completed after surveying over 360 healthcare workers across the United States.

Head of America Healthcare Practice and Partner with Bain & Company, Joshua Weisbrod said, “The perspectives we are hearing from frontline providers indicate a high degree of apprehension about the coming months.”

“As healthcare organizations seek to resume elective procedures, it will be critical to monitor preparedness, listen to the physicians’ needs, and deploy a wide range of resources wisely to continue to support clinicians in a new normal,” Joshua further added.

Co-Author of the report and a Partner with Bain & Company’s Healthcare practice said, “After our third bi-weekly survey of frontline clinicians, it is promising to see some improvement in sentiment toward their own physical health and safety.”

“However provider concern is spiking around topics like burnout, mental health and financial stability. It will be important to address these issues next and provide frontline workers with effective options, such as virtual counseling visits, clinician support groups and flexible working conditions,” Joshua further added.

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