Pinnacle Financial Services Collaborates With AmeriLife To Drive Sales And Growth

AmeriLife has announced that the company has collaborated with the Pinnacle Financial Services to boost the Medicare market and drive sales and growth. The company has got nearly 5 decades of experience in providing healthcare and medicare solutions. Both the Pinnacle Financial Services and AmeriLife have collaborated to boost the rapidly growing Medicare market with holistic solutions. The recent collaboration will significantly help AmeriLife to further expand its MediCare services to the people across the country.

Founder of Pinnacle Financial Services, Kevin Shield said, “We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships with our agents and always strive to improve our ability to deliver on our end. This partnership with AmeriLife will help us strengthen the value proposition to our agents through access to capital, additional support tools and a broadening of our capabilities in investment and retirement solutions.”

“We also take pride in having a thorough understanding of the customers we service in the market. Our customers have a critical need for holistic planning solutions to address both their income and healthcare challenges,” Kevin Shields further added.

Chief Executive Officer of AmeriLife, Scott Perry said, “AmeriLife recognizes that buying into organizations, rather than folding them into one specific model, has significant benefits. Pinnacle is nimble and possesses a true entrepreneurial approach to the way they do business. They are one of the largest and strongest providers of agent training and development, sales technology, marketing and service support that I have witnessed in this industry.”

“Additionally, the uncompromising integrity and commitment to excellence they demonstrate in every aspect of their business makes them an ideal partner in which to invest. Together, we are well-positioned to take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity,” Chief Executive Officer of AmeriLife, Scott Perry further added.

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