Advanz Pharma Successfully Acquires Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Correvio Pharma

Advanz Pharma has announced that the company has successfully completed the acquisition process of Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Correvio Pharma. The company has said that it had paid approximately $76 million to acquire the Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Correvio Pharma, including the repayment plan arrangements that fall under the Canada Business Corporations Act.

The acquisition will help the company to strengthen its presence in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom and the Benelux Region.

The acquisition will further diversify the portfolio of Advanz Pharma to expand its market in more than 60 countries across the globe. Furthermore, the acquisition will further strengthen the position of the company as a leading platform of inorganic and organic medicines for Western European countries.

Chief Executive Officer of Advanz Pharma, Graeme Duncan said, “We believe that the acquisition of Correvio rapidly accelerates our goal of becoming the leading platform for niche-established medicines, with advanced commercial capabilities throughout Western Europe.”

“Correvio’s experienced European team provides us with a direct commercial and medical presence in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Benelux region, while further enhancing our existing operations in the United Kingdom and the Nordics,” Graeme Duncan further added.

“We are very excited about this transformative acquisition as we believe it will open up further growth opportunities for ADVANZ PHARMA and enable us to access additional portfolio opportunities, and optimize planned pipeline launches,” Graeme Duncan concluded.

About Advanz Pharma:

Advanz Pharma is basically a leading specialty pharmaceutical business features the portfolio of more than 200 unbranded and branded products. The company is currently operating in more than 90 countries across the globe and the counting of numbers hasn’t stopped yet.

The company has registered offices in Jersey, Channel Islands. The company also has subsidiaries, which operates in Helsinborg, Sydney, Dublin, Chicago and London.

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