Former Amazon And Nike Executives Opts For $17 Billion Digital Human Opportunity

Former Amazon and Nike Executives have opted for $17 Billion Digital Human Opportunity. The report published by the Adroit Market Research expects that the market of AI Platform will grow from $4 Bullion to $17 Billion by the year of 2025. Different companies adopt digital human technology, including IBM, BMW, Vodafone, Deloitte and UBS. All these companies employed UneeQ to build digital humans to solve for improving customer experience for their digital transformation strategy.

Founder of Trends Exchange and Speaker at Digital Humans Day, QuHarrison Terry said, “Chatbots and voice assistants piqued our commercial interests in the 2010s. We saw many companies start using Messenger bots for customer service. But this was a stepping stone in using AI to communicate with customers. The real opportunity is with digital humans because they take the expressive, engaging element of humans and combine it with the scalable nature of software.”

Former Brand Lead at Nike & Apple, Sennai Atsbeha said, “We’ve never seen a more natural and impactful way for brands to connect with their customers through technology than we have with digital humans.”

“You’re not a forward-thinking brand if you’re not considering the impact these digital employees can have on customer experience,” Former Brand Lead at Nike & Apple Sennai Atsbeha concluded.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of UneeQ, Danny Tomsett said, “If you have a couple of hours free on July 14th, I’d highly recommend you attend Digital Humans Day.”

“This event will bookend current use cases from top brands as well as showcase future possibilities. Best of all, we’re going to hear perspectives from leaders at Salesforce and Verizon, as well as former leaders at Apple, Nike, Amazon, and Microsoft,” Chief Executive Officer and Founder of UneeQ Danny Tomsett concluded.

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