Billy Vunipola fears His Fate In Championship

Billy Vunipola is highly concerned about his fate in the upcoming season of the Championship for Saracens starting in South Africa next year. Billy, who has just won his 50th cap in the World Cup Semi-final against Kiwi’s last year, has yet not talked to Warren Gatland, who has been appointed the coach of Lions head.

Billy Vunipola said, “It is going to be tough to get myself in the position to be on the plane to South Africa.”

“There is a little voice in my head saying we are in the Championship and so out of the shop window. I, and the other England players at Saracens, have to make sure we are in the right condition physically so we can perform at the next level. We may not have anything to play for in the Premiership, but there is pride in the team we represent and the goal of playing for England in the autumn,” he added.

Vunipola missed England’s first four matches in this year’s Six Nations because of an arm injury. He took that break, and the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, to reflect on where he stood at the point when he should have been near the peak of his career. “I have tried to improve as a person on and off the pitch,” he continued.

“I had a real good look at myself. I think I could have been better at the World Cup in terms of off the field. I think my head was in the clouds, something I always battle with,” Billy said.

“I find it hard to keep my feet on the ground when I do something well. That’s been a massive challenge for me over this period of lockdown. If you reach success again, both as a team or personally, how do I stay grounded?” Billy added.

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