Coronavirus And Relation Of Mental Illness

All the workforce of the UK is in the grip of mental health in the post-pandemic environment. At the beginning of the current years, Deloitte estimated that about sixth of UK workers are experiencing mental illness issues at one time. Due to lockdown imposed due to coronavirus, the figure is 16% more than initially identified.

Emma Mamo said, “Many of us rely on social contact to improve our well-being, therefore some vital measures imposed to tackle the spread of coronavirus can be difficult to manage.”

D’Souza said, “This is based on people’s ability to voice their concerns [in a safe way]. It’s a challenge, at a time when there’s a huge amount of economic instability, to speak up to say you’re struggling – organisations are making redundancies and people could be feeling very vulnerable.”

“The amount of time placed on communication so [staff] felt safe and cared for [is something] every organisation could learn from,” he added.

“an organisational challenge, not just an HR one” D’Souza, member Director at the CIPD said in his statement.

Sam Fuller said, “It’s more difficult to spot signs and signals if staff are not in front of you, but you need to see when someone is not engaging, when they are quiet or turning their camera off. It’s about noticing when they don’t come forward and volunteer for certain tasks or projects. Look for changes in behaviour and focus on the change – that’s one of the biggest signs.”

“We always found it difficult to be prescriptive on bereavement and our view is that we’ve got to be discretionary because people deal with it very differently. It’s not a policy around X number of days, but acknowledging that people will react very differently,” Sam Fullers added in the statement.

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