Johanna Konta Wanted To Play US Open But Restricted By Her Illness

Johanna Konta and Serena Williams are the icons of their games, because both the women participate in the game despite respiratory and heart problems that can give both women an excuse to withdraw from the US Open in the middle of the pandemic.

Soderling said, “I just wanted to crawl out of my skin.”

“It’s a thin line to walk as a professional athlete. On one side of this line, you’re doing everything right. You work hard and push your body to extremes. You are dedicated. You have full focus and you are getting the results, and you get celebrated for your success. Putting pressure on yourself and working can be very rewarding. But, if you cross that thin line, if you don’t listen to your body and give it time to recharge and recover, it can ruin your career, and your life,” Soderling said on Instagram.

Konta told reporters, “I’m fine. I sometimes have heart palpitations. Basically my heart rate just shoots up for no reason. It makes me a bit light-headed. I just needed to see the doctor and the physio to see where it was at. It was very, very high.”

“The first time it happened was in Birmingham in 2017; the second time was in Beijing 2018, actually in the evening match that day; the third time was three months ago, when I was doing my practice block on the clay at home in London. So I wouldn’t say that there’s a massive common denominator. It’s been under stressful situations, it’s been under actual no-stress situations,” she added.

“It’s one of those things you need to catch in the moment to be able to record and measure it – which we haven’t been able to do, because it has been sporadic. It’s unfortunate that it’s happened to me now twice in the past three months,” Konta said.

“But that’s no indication that it’s going to pick up frequency. I’ve had all the heart tests done you could possibly have, and my heart is absolutely fine. Obviously it’s not ideal. It’s probably not going to happen again for … a year. It’s one of those things but I’m not worried, no,” she added.

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