Neil Lennon Expressed Dismay At Premeditated Actions Of Boli Bolingoli

Neil Lennon has expressed his dismay at the premeditated actions of Boli Bolingoli. His reaction came after Belgian defender led to the postponement of three Scottish Premiership fixtures to Spain. However, the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has given a clear warning that the resumption of football in the country can be postponed if there are any further breaches of Covid-19 safety measures.

Lennon said, “People may say: ‘Oh, he’s been stupid,’ but it’s not stupidity. This has been premeditated. You don’t book a flight to Spain on a whim. He knew exactly what he was doing. So this has been quite calculated. It’s been total disregarding of the outcome and the risks involved, so he will be dealt with in the strongest possible way by the club.”

“I think it is one of the worst behaviours from an individual I have come across,” Lennon added. “Everything has been tight and everything has been strict. He had been warned previously about travelling and he blatantly disregarded my instructions and the club’s instructions. It is a complete act of selfishness,” he added.

“This is a perplexing time for us all – it has been perplexing for everyone over the last six months, whether you are in sport or not. It is so fragile and for someone to put in jeopardy everything that we have been building on and working on is disappointing. We are all desperately disappointed with him. It’s just appalling behavior and one the club will deal with in the strongest possible way internally,” he added.

“After the Hamilton game [on 2 August] we made it clear to all of the players they couldn’t leave Glasgow as we gave them a couple of days off which they deserved. Boli took it upon himself to go to Spain and not tell anyone and not tell anyone when he came back. Obviously, we found out about it on Monday and we were just so perplexed, but also in despair of it, really,” Lennon continued.

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