Nuno Espirito Santo Says Wolf Can Be Proud After Learning From Mistakes

Nuno Espirito has said that wolves can be proud after learning from their mistakes. He said that it was very frustrating to concede defeat in the game, but he clearly admitted that his side has made some terrible mistakes in the crucial moments of the game.

Wolves Manager, Nuno Espirito Santo said, “It has happened many times already, we need to keep our focus on set pieces. We can be proud of ourselves though, we played a tough team and we had our moments against them. In the end small margins counted against us.”

“I didn’t see the images, but if that is the case you would expect VAR to have intervened,” Nuno added.

“There was no such respite for Wolves, possibly because the remote officials were concentrating on a much more fractional line decision involving the goalkeeper. We can’t do anything about it now,” Nuno said. It’s just one more detail to consider,” he added in his statement.

“We shouldn’t be pointing at him, he’s done more than enough for us this season. We shouldn’t have conceded, that’s all. We fell for a sucker punch in the 88th minute. We’re all gutted because there won’t be any European games next season, even though we finished with more points than last time, but that’s football,” he continued.

“We are here because we have had two really good seasons. The Premier League is challenging enough but we are in Europe because we want to improve. I think everyone back in Wolverhampton has enjoyed the journey, and though we are down at the moment the future is still bright,” Nuno added.

“Let’s look at what we need. The club has been amazing. We started in Championship, first season was hard, second season, and we’re all together in this. It’s about making good decisions which can help us and stop us making mistakes,” he concluded.

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