The Mystery Behind Heat Waves

The UK experienced the hottest days last Friday in 17 years. The recent news came as the temperature hit a high of 36.4 Celsius in the South Eastern parts of England. For a number of UK Users, the scenario seems never-ending as each year summer heatwaves become more devastating than the previous ones.

The Met Office of UK has found that the 2018 heatwave in the UK has been 30 times more likely to occur than in the year of 1750, because of increasing global warming and climate crisis.

A climate researcher at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Geert Jan Van Oldenborgh said, “If the whole world warms, the UK warms. If the summer warms, heatwaves warm.”

“This shows up even more in the night-time temperatures. Here in the Netherlands, the weekly mean minimum temperatures this week are more than two degrees above the previous record,” he added.

Professor of climate science at the University of Reading, Ed Hawkins said, “Those conditions wouldn’t have been so hot if it hadn’t been for climate change. These extra bumps in temperature potentially make the impacts worse, such as making it more likely to get bushfires.”

“We’re going to get more days where we get certain hot temperatures, which cause problems to our infrastructure, such as roads or railways, or electronic networks, which struggle in the heat,” says Hawkins. “When we get these events, they’re very useful for talking about how we get used to them and learn how to deal with them better.”

Hawkins said, “So what happens next? We have some difficult choices to make. If we continue to emit greenhouse gases at the same rate as we are, then global temperatures will continue to rise, and these conditions will just get worse and worse. What happens next is completely down to us.”

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