ICOS Is A New Tool To Fight Climate Change

The Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) is a new tool of science to fight global climate change. It is basically a network of 130 carbon measuring stations that are designed to measure the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. This system will also help to determine the exact fluxes between Earth, atmosphere and oceans.

Head of Operations at ICOS, Elena Saltikoff said, “A scientist can start their research by downloading a homogenous dataset available from a single source, instead of collecting measurements from several sources in different formats and of variable quality.”

“Ultimately, this is about bringing reliable data and knowledge on greenhouse gases to policy makers much faster than was previously possible,” she added.

Director General of ICOS, Werner Kutch said, “We still have the huge problem that the reduction of fossil-fuel emissions is too slow. If we want to hit the Paris Agreement targets of staying under a 2°C temperature increase, we need to act much faster.”

“We can see that carbon emissions are decreasing through shutting down flights and industries not using as much electricity and so on,” he added.

“I think this is a learning experience. Scientists were facing a lot of denial and negative comments in the past, then suddenly we learned from the corona crisis that it is definitely helpful to listen to scientists. I hope this learning experience will last when we’re starting to talk about climate change again,” Kutch added.

“Perhaps people have learned that not every face to face meeting is necessary and that you can use virtual tools. Perhaps behaviour may change, people may learn that it pays to take care of each other. It might be that people find some kind of solidarity between generations, people and countries. In the end, I hope it will improve and strengthen internationalism; in the long run we’ll have to co-operate internationally,” he concluded.

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