Trellus Health Secures $5M Seed Funding

Trellus Health has secured $5 Million Seed Funding to transform care for chronic symptoms. These symptoms will focus in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. About 90% of the US $3.3 trillion annual health care expenditure is for different chronic diseases.

CEO of the company, Monique Fayad said, “We are transforming the way chronic conditions are treated by developing a resilience-driven connected care platform that integrates precision medicine with psychosocial care. The traditional journey of medical care for people living with chronic conditions typically results in repeated costly, unplanned emergency room visits and hospitalizations, high rates of work absenteeism and lost productivity, as well as chronic disability and behavioral health issues.”

“We’re working to change this by focusing on building patients’ resilience while integrating all partners in care, including employers, insurance plans, health systems, Trellus-certified GI providers, nurses, psychologists, and dieticians who can utilize Trellus Health’s proprietary platform to effectively monitor and communicate with patients and their caregivers in real time.”

Dubinsky said, “Our research on over 200 IBD patients indicates that more than 70% believe their condition would be better managed if they had support for anxiety or depression.”

“By personalizing care to address the psychosocial needs of all IBD patients and applying the latest evidence-based clinical approaches, we can help patients achieve disease control and enjoy a significantly improved quality of life,” he added in his statement.

Erik Lium said, “Crohn’s disease was discovered at Mount Sinai by Dr. Burrill Crohn nearly 100 years ago, and the System has made great strides in enhancing the standard of care and outcomes for our patients.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Trellus Health to advance commercial development of a resilience-driven approach and connected care model for treating IBD and other complex chronic conditions, making Mount Sinai’s technology available to more patients.”

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