JM&A Group Makes Advanced Solution for Reducing the Dealership Turnover

In order to abridge the dealership turnover which is known as one of the significant challenges in facing the industry, JM&A Group has launched Dealer Talent Services (DTS) purposed to prove a new solution to authorize the dealers with the necessary tools for identifying the top candidates who array with the available job openings, and could make a more enlisted and satisfied man power.

There was a  barrier in making the affordable cost of recruite, onboard and train a new hire while there has remained empty seat on the sales floor gets fill quicky. Now participating dealers will be able to receive the hands-on, talent-focused coaching, customized support and regular assessments with the introduction of new program by JM&A Group.

The science-based approach will help the dealers in gaining the insights into their talent pool which will assist in successful hiring, onboarding, building and leading high performing teams, and also improving the employee development and retention. For which the company has made an effort to maximize dealer profitability by leveraging the industry experience and tools.

JM&A Group’s Director of Performance Development Center, Chris May said, “The cost to recruit, onboard and train a new hire while there is an empty seat on the sales floor adds up fast. In fact, the average dealer loses about $500,000 a year due to turnover.”

He added further, “We are confident our new consultative approach to talent management will significantly reduce that burden, while providing us with a new touchpoint to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from JM&A Group.”

The Group intends to set a vary price of this new service depending on the number of employees at a dealership or automotive group.

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