Biontech Germany to build mRNA vaccine plant in Rwanda and Senegal

German biopharmacy company Biontech builds Africa’s first messenger RNA (mRNA) technology vaccine manufacturing base between the African government of Rwanda and the Dakar Pasteur Institute in Senegal on the 26th. The agreement was signed. Construction will begin in the middle of next year. The aim is to address the widening gap between Africa and the rest of the world in public health and health care.

According to Biontech, it will first build a production line with an annual production capacity of 50 million times so that it can produce malaria vaccines, tuberculosis vaccines, and new corona vaccines. Depending on future development progress and actual medical needs, partners can decide which infectious disease vaccine to make.

Starting with this, we will expand our production network and aim to produce hundreds of millions of mRNA vaccines a year. Eventually, the goal is to transfer ownership and manufacturing know-how of manufacturing bases to African partners. In parallel with the company’s construction activities, the Rwandan government and the Dakar Pasteur Institute will also create facilities for the final stages and filling.

“Our goal is to develop vaccines in the African Union region, create sustainable vaccine manufacturing facilities and work together to improve the medical situation in Africa,” said Uglu Sahin, CEO. bottom.

“The agreement is an important step towards producing vaccines in every corner of Africa,” Rwanda’s Health Minister Nugamije said at a signing ceremony in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. “Manufacturing for Africa in Africa against any outbreak is the only effective solution in the long run,” said Borrell, High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy in the European Union.

The European Commission’s Commissioner for International Cooperation, Urpirainen, said at a press conference in Kigali that the first construction site would be Rwanda.

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